Monday, September 24, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weston's 6th Birthday

Opening presents first thing in the morning.

Weston requested California Pizza Kitchen for his birthday dinner.

Afterwards we took a ride on the paddle boats.

The boys loved it.

Daddy gave Weston a turn pedaling the boat.

And Frozen Yogurt for dessert. 

Our power was out on Weston's birthday so we had to wait until the next day to make a birthday cake.
This is the one he requested.

Birthday Party

Weston and Dallin's party at the splash park:

This picture sums up their thoughts on the party: 
Dallin is loving everything and Weston is not loving the cold water. 

 Dallin trying to get his loot upstairs.

Dallin's 3rd Birthday

Opening presents first:

 We went to Red Robin for his birthday dinner, and because it's a special occasion, they got to play video games. They loved driving with Daddy. 

 I love this picture.
 Dallin watching the wait staff sing to him.
 Dallin's birthday cake. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another trip to Hershey, PA

Dressed and ready to make their chocolate bars:
 Weston is in his own personal heaven. 

 Everyone with their chocolate bars
 Weston pretending to eat the black licorice for Grandma Cristy. 

Playing Catch-up

Easter 2012

 We had to have a sewer pipe fixed in the front yard. It required a tractor to dig down about 10 feet into the front yard. Dallin was happier than a kid on Christmas morning. He didn't move from the window all morning. 

 Can you spot the problem?

 Weston lost his first tooth. 
We tried to pose this picture with Dallin holding the tooth in the pliers. You can't really tell. 

 Has anyone seen Dallin?
I haven't heard from him in a few minutes...

 9 times out of 10 Dallin is not asleep in his bed. 
 Snug as a bug on his rug.